Our task is to push the transaction step by step towards the intended aim, keep our client informed by both formal presentations and informal dialogues and to discuss important decisions with him. We intend to utilize the know-how of our clients in their respective fields as it may be related to the execution of the transaction and affect its success. For us, M&A is not only a very responsible job, but also a call for a close and friendly cooperation between the advisor and the client, both having different professional experience.


  • Part of the acquisition advisory services that the client transfers to Capital Consultant is the task to identify and recommend suitable companies to take over, prepare a preliminary evaluation, recommend an appropriate strategy and lead the process of takeover negotiation with the target company during all phases until the transaction is completed.
  • We also represent clients in the sale process of companies or their parts. In such cases the owner of the company provides Capital Consultant with a mandate to manage the entire transaction. This includes recommendations of the strategy, internal valuation calculations, preparation of information memoranda and other documents, search for suitable investors, conducting negotiations with selected candidates and all other steps necessary to close the transaction.
  • Capital Consultant also offers its clients advice on mergers. An important part of merger advisory is the correct valuation of the merging companies and minimizing the post-acquisition risks.
  • We are able to assist top executives in the management takeover, both MBO‘s (management buy-out), where the management remains in the company and purchases shares from existing shareholders and MBI‘s (management buy-ins), where the management comes into a new company and takes it over, often backed by a financial investor. We offer structuring of such transactions, proposing a financing solution and negotiating the conditions of the takeover.
  • In addition to complex M&A advisory services that include legal and tax advisory we also offer their individual parts such as preparation for sale, valuations, project management, due diligence (including vendor and commercial due diligence), post-acquisition evaluation etc. Apart from standard financing tools we offer innovative packages and services such as stapled finance.

M&A brokerage

Within the M&A advisory "brokerage" is a unique service, the principle of which lies in involving a broker prior to purchasing M&A advisory services. The broker’s task is to help the client to choose the right advisors and to supervise their job. This service helps clients in achieving better business conditions, lower prices, higher quality of services provided and ultimately higher transaction success rates.