The performance of small and medium-sized enterprises is often limited by lack of controlling and reporting procedures and by underestimating the importance of financial management and financial analysis. The aim of our services in the area of financial management is to bridge the gap between accounting and management. The role of accountants is often limited to compiling statutory accounts in accordance with Czech Accounting Standards. They are suitable for tax purposes and for generating basic overview of the company‘s profitability and its financial position, but they are entirely unsuitable for its financial management.

Management accounts

  • We implement and set-up cost and management accounts, depending on the software used for managing enterprise resources and we provide the optimal level of integration with financial accounting. The output of a well-adjusted managerial accounting is timely and accurate information structured in accordance with the needs of the company’s management.
  • By proper allocation of costs and revenues to individual cost and revenue centres such as products, customers, sales channels etc. the client gains an overview of their actual profitability. This can help him in smarter resource allocation and higher profitability of the company as a whole.

Financial management

  • We provide assistance with the creation and evaluation of financial plans and budgets (budgeting, forecasting) and with performance of analyses of the differences between the plan and reality (variance analysis).
  • We help our clients with cash flow and working capital management.
  • We are able to assess your investment plans prior to their execution and thus contribute significantly to the reduction of the risks associated with the investment.
  • We will advise in the selection of sources of short-and long-term financing with respect to the optimal debt structure.
  • We can propose appropriate methods for hedging against exchange rate and interest rate risks.