Asset management at client’s account

  • We offer our own, long-term, risk-reflective investment strategy. In cooperation with the client we plan the distribution of assets to different groups of assets in order to minimize the impact of unexpected adverse events to the total amount of assets and to achieve attractive returns. Once a portfolio is diversified optimally, our approach is to keep it in such a stable structure as long as circumstances allow us, thus minimizing the administrative and transaction costs.
  • We provide our clients with all relevant information relating to their specific situation. However, it is the client's capital who has direct access to capital markets. Our solutions are simple and comprehensible for the client which means less time spent with the advisor and lower fees for our services. Client’s assets remain in his possession at any time. He can therefore determine its current status or dispose of the assets at his discretion. Thereby we want to guarantee our client a sufficient sense of security and control.

Our investment solutions are suitable for the investment of funds
from 5 to 50 million CZK.

Asset management brokerage

  • If you are already enjoying the services of individual asset management, the question is whether the fees charged by the asset manager are in accordance with his results. Individual clients can hardly answer the question as they usually do not have the opportunity to work in the same period with different asset managers, do not monitor the market situation thoroughly and often do not have the relevant knowledge to identify the risks inherent in decisions or recommendations proposed by the asset manager.
  • Therefore, for greater amounts of assets managed, it pays off to use the services of a broker. His primary function is to assist in selecting the right asset manager (or private banker), and to help negotiate favourable contract terms. In the course of the asset management itself the broker monitors the work of the asset manager, analyzes his results, compares them with competition, warns the client of risk factors and offers him independent consultations or interpretations of the recommendations provided by the asset manager. Hence, the broker is in this respect in a similar position to the asset manager as is a construction supervisor to a construction contractor. Ultimately, brokerage services enable our clients to benefit from higher security and higher yields on their assets.

We recommend the use of asset management brokerage
if the volume of investment funds exceeds 50 million CZK.